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Radon Measurement Surveys 

     Single Family homes
* For buying or selling a home

       * To understand your home's air quality


     Multi-Family Homes and Apartments

              We have performed over a thousand tests in multi-family dwellings throughout Ohio

     Commercial & Government Office Buildings

               We have performed thousands of Radon measurements in government or commercial buildings              throughout Ohio.


             It is estimated that over 15% of all classrooms in the US may have elevated levels of Radon. 

          We suggest you check with your school board or administrator to ensure that radon testing
          has been done in the schools in your area and that high levels of radon be mitigated so that our
          children are learning in an environment that is not potentially injurious to their developing

     Radon-in-Air Testing & Radon-in-Water Testing

             See our page on Myths and Q&A for answers to some radon-in-water questions.


Radon Mitigation & Consulting

       We are pleased to provide radon mitigation services for single family homes .
       We also provide mitigation consulting services for multi family structures, schools, large buildings
       and commercial requirements.   

    RRNC  Radon Resistant New Construction Instillation
    and Consulting

      It is estimated that 85 to 90 percent of builder installed passive radon mitigation systems are
      ineffective and of no use to the professional mitigation contractor who is asked to activate the
      system. The system can be easily be activated and preform properly if installed by a trained,
      licensed, and certified Radon Mitigation Specialist.

  Education and Training
      As a training Associate with Spruce Environmental Technology, Inc., David prepares students across
      the country for National
 Certification and State Licensing for Radon Measurement, Mitigation and
      for Advanced Certificates in Multi-Family Measurement and Mitigation, and RRNC of Single Family
      Homes and Multi-Family, School, and Large Buildings.


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